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25-01-05, 02:03 PM
Just thought i'd do a quick write up about my jeep:

I always wanted a jeep, i loved the look of the TJ and decided that one day i would own one.

In september 2003 the day had come - i wanted an Amber Fire colour Jeep and i was very lucky to find one brand new.

I originially bought the Jeep as a snow vehicle, the first mods being some Pirelli Scorpion A/T's :roll: and some roof racks to hold the snowboards.

I did a lot of sand wheeling Up at Stockton Beach and around Boat Harbour (RIP). One day while jumping some dunes at Boat Harbour i found that the Jeep was a lot bumpier all of a sudden, so i looked underneath and found that i had busted the two stock shocks and bent my sway bar links amoungst other things...

This is where the modifications (read financial debt) started.

31'' BFG muddies and an OME 2'' Lift were the next upgrade, along with some Teraflex quick disconnects.

One day while driving around town, someone in a green TJ waved at me - so i waved back (still not sure who that was)... i looked in the rear view and saw the SJC sticker (with the very noticable red star).... so i looked up the Sydney Jeep club on the internet and also stumbled across www.ausjeepoffroad.com.

A few months later i met up with Billsta and Saxon from Ausjeepoffroad - they agreed to let me join the convoy to my first SJC meeting - this is where i saw all the bigger Jeeps and decided that i wanted a big jeep too! :oops:

So after a few club trips with my 31's, i decided i needed 33's - i wheeled with 33's for about a year and added all the other mods to make it work as i wanted.

A few months ago i was given the opportunity to upgrade to 35's and a very nice Clayton long arm kit - so this is how my TJ is set up today.

? 2002 Amber Fire TJ
? 35'' x 12.5 R15 Radial CLaws on 15x8 steel rims (powder coated black)
? Clayton Long Arm with Triangulated 4Link Rear
? RE4.5 Springs + OME LT Shocks
? Bushwacker pocket flares
? 1'' Currie BL
? Suburban front Adjustable Track Bar
? RE Rear shock relocating brackets
? Extended Brake Lines + Extended Bumptops
? Extended rear sway bar links
? HD Slip Yoke Eliminator
? Currie Antirock
? Safari Snorkle
? ARB Air Locker in the rear
? Detroit EZ Locker in the front
? 4.56 diff ratios
? Jbitz Custom Front Bull Bar
? Jbitz Custom Rear Swing away tyre carrier
? Jbitz Throttle Body Spacer
? Toys by Troy Rock Steps
? Toys by Troy Bolt in Sports cage
? JKS Bar Pin eliminators front and rear
? Rock warrior Diff Guard
? Bestop Half Top
? OME steering stabilizer on Custom ORI bracket
? Optima Blue Top Battery
? Kilby high clearance gas tank skid
? Custom 2.5'' Exhaust System
? IPF Spotlights
? Rhino Roof Racks with Thule ski/snowboard holders

SO that's my jeep story to date.

Do i need 35's and all this fancy stuff bolted on?
Not at all.

So why do it?
Because i can.

What's next?
NOTHING! Unless i break something :lol:

That's all for now, thanks for reading!
-Jase (Tigger)

26-01-05, 01:19 AM
Nice story there mate....I guve ya 6 months before you start stratching your head trying to mental squeeze 38"s on there ;)

26-01-05, 12:52 PM
Nice story there mate....I guve ya 6 months before you start stratching your head trying to mental squeeze 38"s on there ;)

yeah who am i kidding :oops:

14-11-06, 09:20 AM
Just a follow up to this - the Jeep was sold last week to a jeeper in WA.

I was sad to see it go but i just wasn't getting the use out of it that i used to.