View Full Version : Soft Floor Camper-Trailer and Equipment Hire

05-10-15, 01:05 PM
I am offering my camper-trailer which SteveT has been using at jambo to any members who would like to use it. It would be ideal for setting up at a site for a week or more. What comes with it are as follow; An annex which we decided not to put up for jambo, a fold away dining table and 4 fold away chairs, 4 deck chairs with shade umbellias and a solar panel to charge the power in daylight. I'll aslo will include a 6 peice plates/bowls set, cuttery and cooking gear, an inflatable 2 persons canoe for rivers rowing.

I will also includes 3 stretcher beds and 4 deck chairs mattresses, a heatbead portable bar.b.que, and a secondary gas cooker (a 3 persons inflatable dingy and 2 life vests with a 9.9hp outboard included for $10.00 extra). If I'm not using them on others club or private camping trips. Instead of them being idle at home, I am considering hiring it out at $50.00 per week to cover maintenance, registration and insurance costs.

Cheers RobS