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11-09-16, 06:41 PM
G'Day All.
Fairly new member (around 1 year now) I've been on a few trips and met a lot of you, but still every trip there seems to be more new faces than old which is great!

Thought I'd throw up a few pics and details on my JKU.

I'd always wanted a Wrangler but needed a ute for work, so I had an MN Triton which was a fantastic vehicle, but never really capable or designed to do what I asked of her, but to its credit though it got me a lot of places it realistically shouldn't have. EG: wheeny creek.

It had a 2 inch Ultimate Lift, Re-geared diffs, lockers, sliders, touring setup... All the fruit. Unfortunately one day out at Zig Zag (wheeling alone - DONT DO IT!) it met its maker in the Pipeline track and had a little rest on its side. RIP.


Shortly before this I was allocated a work ute, so enter the Jeep :)

2014 White JKU Sport. Manual trans. No extra's. A true hose-out model so to speak.

I got straight into the build as I had a bit of cash from parting out the old girl. So far this is my build. Built to tour and to tackle B grade tracks.

Caloffroad 2.5" Tapered Platinum Coils.
Ultimate Suspension custom made long travel shocks with shaft bumps.
Synergy Lower control arms (front and rear) to correct castor, pinion angle and give a little more ground clearance.
Synergy Front Panhard / trackbar
Synergy Draglink (no high-steer)
Synergy Panhard / trackbar chassis re-inforcement bracket.
Teraflex tierod
ARB Front Disconnects
Relocated Steering Damper
Teraflex Diff Hats front and rear.
Sleeved and gusseted D30 Front with control arm skids.
ARB sump / trans / evap skids.
Teraflex exhaust spacers for bigger front travel.
Rear ARB air locker with compressor under seat in cabin.
Teraflex rear panhard / trackbar bracket
Poison Spyder Hood Louvre
Poison Spyder body mounted rocker armour
Smittybilt rock sliders
ARB Front bar with Runva 11XP winch
Teraflex Rear door hinge / tyre carrier with Highlift mount
Home made 10L jerrycan holder
Uneek4x4 roof rack
Ebay snorkel
Extended breathers
rock lights
Led lightbar and floods.
Narva DRLs
Removed carpet and raptor lined interior floor.
Ctek Dual battery setup
Engel 40L
Superchips trail dash
Removed rear bumper as damaged at Lake Lyell on Unimog Hill, but I kinda like it without.
Removable mudflaps
Trail table on tailgate
Mopar winter wheels (steelies) with 33" Achilles muddies. (Soon to be 35's)

Next planned mods are King hydraulic bumpstops in the front, re-gear and 35's. I'm also starting a camper trailer build so I'll post that in here as well...

And of course this is all worthless without the pics.





11-09-16, 09:02 PM
Outstanding build Kegsy! Looking forward to hearing about your camper trailer build.

Hopefully we'll meet on the trails in the near future.


08-10-16, 05:01 PM
This weekends project was to upgrade the suspension again to get that last little bit of travel and a better ride through the corrugations when touring.

Installed a set of Bilstein 5160 remote res shocks with 27.5" travel, some King Shocks Hydraulic Bumpstops and bolted up my Quadratec Moab wheels with 35" mud hogs. Really happy to be going back to stock looking wheels, love the look.

I Started early this morning by blowing apart all the front suspension. A really fun job when you have flexicoils and need to drop the axle super low to get the springs out...

First part of the job is to measure in 3 inches on the jounce tube, fire up the sawzall and cut her off. Measure twice, cut once ;) At least they can be welded back on later should you want to return to factory.


After the jounce tube was trimmed, in goes the King bump-stop for a test fit. King supplies a 3" extension for mounting on the axle which I found would have been satisfactory, but probably would have robbed me of 1/2" of up travel (on 35's, more on 33's), so I decided to opt for a set of 2" extensions on the axle. Looks like the kit is aimed toward minimum 35" plus tyres.

At the moment with the 2" bumpstop, Im running the Kings adjusted to their biggest (more bump) setting. After a quick flex today, I think I can shorten these about 1/2" - 3/4" to get the max flex out of her.


All put together with the Bilstein 5160s. After a quick flex test, the recommended remote res location comes extremely close to the tyre when on full lock so tomorrows job will be to rotate the canisters a little to get a little more peace of mind.


And a small flex shot :smile-new: I couldn't find anything big enough in the estate to get full travel, still had about another 3" of front droop left! :highly_amused:


This should keep me busy for a while I would imagine! I may be in the need for a new front driveshaft soon though I think... :hopelessness: The extra travel now definitely won't help the poor boot.

09-10-16, 05:33 PM
After so more extreme flexing, I discovered the tyre came very close to remote res when piggybacked off the main tube. So I had to relocate the reservoirs. Some 3mm pipe and a welder did the trick to add on the ARB disconnect brackets.