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Thread: Custom Storage Systems (for Jeeps & other 4WDs)

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    Default Custom Storage Systems (for Jeeps & other 4WDs)

    GC Davis Pty Ltd
    Custom Storage Systems

    Ph: 0419 216002

    Design and build of custom Jeep Storage Systems
    KJ Drawer System now in production
    JK Unlimited System now in development

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    Default Re: Custom Storage Systems (for Jeeps & other 4WDs)

    Hi Davis

    is that made out of fiberglass looks tops
    Cheers Danny

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    I am in the process of designing a Storage Unit for a WH series (Grand) for a customer in Sydney. Slide out fridge, two big drawers, second battery storage, and a slide out table. Still in final design stage but measured the WH up this week and its has to go up the Brisbane for a new lift, snorkel, long range tank, cargo barrier, etc before it comes back to me for the Storage Unit fitting. The rear cargo area floor section is going to be removed (its hopeless in the WH just a plastic and carpet insert - no real tie down points). The Storage Unit will be bolted directly to the rear floor pan. I will have some photos up of this in coming months - its an October delivery.

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    What was/is the outcome. Would like to see the end product.... Make anything for TJ's??..................
    JC Member# 094

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    Steve the WH unit was a big project, it pretty much takes up the whole back cargo area of the WH. I had to add a fan to ventilate the fridge compressor. It was delivered last year and the customer (Finners from AJOR) is very happy with it. They gave it a real workout on the family trip the Vic High Country just prior to Christmas. James was going to send me some photos of it but he is overseas at the moment, I'll get some up on here soon.

    I haven't designed anything for a TJ yet, but that doesn't mean it can't be done.

    Cheers Glen

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    SSSSOOOOO little room in the back of a TJ even in everyday use compared to the ZJ.... Still teething, but old habits can be slow to change... Security is one big issue with the TJ as well....... Post up the pic's after you get them.............
    Stephen T.
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    Here are the photos I promised of the WH unit that I finished before Christmas. These were taken in the Vic High Country. The customer wanted a natural finish slide out locking table. a large chain saw and recovery equipment drawer(bottom right), can food and misc storage drawer (top right), and the fridge slide cubicle. There is also an auxiliary battery built into the back of the unit behind the chainsaw drawer (its actually an L shaped drawer to fit around the battery). There is a fan in the rear of the fridge cubicle to vent the fridge heat. The tolerances on this unit were very tight and it just clears the rear hatch moldings. The top deck has wings that extend to the the side windows to allow packing soft storage on top. This is pretty much the most complicated unit I've produced so far. Anyone familiar with the WH will know that the floor in the rear cargo area is useless plastic with no real tie downs - so I had to build a plinth to replace the subfloor and shim it to clear the rear plastic molding at the bottom. The entire Unit is through bolted to the steel body floor in the cargo area. There is a cargo barrier just ahead of the Unit.

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    That's pretty cool Glen.
    Can I ask roughly what's that worth to build and is it easily removable?

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    SteveC the cost of custom work always depends on what the customer wants and how much time it takes to build. So re your question, the range for something like this would be from $2000 to $2500 depending on complexity (his was very complex). No this one cannot be removed by this particular owner (although I could get it out in about 20 minutes) - he didn't want it to be removable. The floor of the WH was junk and I had to rip that out to get to a solid underfloor pan to through bolt the unit (after which CRDSTU installed a long range tank which restricted future access to the bolt heads).

    BTW, the ORS fridge slide was a 'personal choice' item that the owner wanted. I sourced it from ORS and mounted it but passed the cost straight through to the owner. The slide cost is in addition to what I mentioned above. Standard inclusions would be things like 45kg drawer slides, but his involved upgrading some of the slides; to carry the weight of his chainsaw in the bottom drawer, and the table ones which are locking.
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    Any thing worked out for a tj yet Glen?



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