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Thread: Hybridxj (XJ)

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    Default Hybridxj (XJ)

    Hi guys,

    This is my Xj: Custom long arm kit and cross member, Patrol diffs, front and rear air lockers, 4.6215 diff gears, High pinion rear diff centre, Terra II low tranfer case with reduction gears, HD SYE, injected gas, 5" front coils (with Acos adjustable upper mounts), two leaf packs (sleaved together) in the rear with 3" extended shackles. Sits about 10" above standard on 37" Goodyear MTR's. I'm hoping to get to the next meeting because i'd like to join the club.

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    OMG, XJ's bigger than mine not allowed!!!


    Looking forward to meeting you Nick, good to keep the old schook XJ population up there, we seem to be few and far between these days with all these JK types hanging around!

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    Actually, Nick, are they the new kevlar MTR's or the older style ones?

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    I'd be interested to have a look at it I'm on 5.5" of lift and 32's at the moment but have a D44 waiting to go in and regearing etc and am thinking anything from 33-37's No plans to go patrol diffs though but always interested in what others do.

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    Is anyone going to Tuff trucks? Would be good to catch up there before the next meeting. Jaffas, they're the old style ones! this is my second set of 37" MTR's on the Xj and this set has 30,000 on them, so a while before I need newies.

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    love the front spring popping out in the pic :P

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    Thanks mate, I've fixed that now by making up an extended upper bump stop. The springs stay in place now at full extension.

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    Welcome Nick, good to see you on the SJC's forum, showing off your XJ, LOL. When will you come out for a wheel with us?

    As allways, nice XJ Nick.

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    When are you going next?

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    Come to menai 28th, I want to see if my tj can drive under your xj



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