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Thread: ARB Affiliated Discount???

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    Default ARB Affiliated Discount???

    Are we affiliated with any ARB Stores? Need to buy a Snorkel & any discount is better than none.
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    No, but typically if you ask if they do discounts for 4WD clubs you will get something

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    Cool, Thanks Steve.
    98 ZJ Grand Cherokee(Lightly Modded), 84 CJ8, 74 CJ6,
    Lord Help me I'm in to Jeep!!!!

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    Just watch they don't stick any discount back on the install price (hard to tell I know). If you can install it yourself get a supply only price - which will be the RRP - whatever discount you can negotiate (I've tried with these guys before and they rarely ever go more than 5%). You should be able to buy straight from the supplier and might get a better deal there. People like Murchsion Products (aka CRDSTU) install snorks for between $350-$400 depending on the brand and vehicle - so that's a good benchmark. Good luck.

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    Mick Collins ( ex-SJC member) at Wenthworthville ARB fitted mine to the ZJ. Got a discount for being SJC member at the time. Cost around - $600.00 fitted at the time................ They use to offer 10% discount if your a 4wd club member for anyone ( even ricers!!) but you still have to ask for it or it won't be given...
    P.S Foregot to mentions reasons to get fitted rather then me trying to do it at the time Warrenty into installl, function properly, a little peace of mind etc & mostly lack of talent at doing such things with any skill . Will try to contact the guy who got mine and used some as a template for cutting his, if you are intending to DYO. Never know, he may still a bit or all of it....................................
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    Currently working on an arrangement with ARB Wentworthville similar to the one we had withTJM,in regards to holding meetings there, club discounts etc.

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    NO!!! Due to being at the hospital 3 days a week for re-dressing of wounds

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    yes we are now affiliated with ARB Wentworthville
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    Any update on ARB?

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    Hunno can cut a mean hole now.......................
    Thank's again Hunno.......................
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