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Thread: Bug proofing a JK radiator

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    Smile Bug proofing a JK radiator

    Hi Guyz
    as some of you know I work in television and am waiting for an assignment to go and film the locust plague (if it eventuates) and I do not want to have to pick the buggers out of my radiator!
    cheers Hunty

    Luv My Jeep!

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    Hunty, I have something similar to that which you have just installed, except my screen is backed by a double layer of bronze fly wire installed 1/2 a square out of alignment. It has been there for 2 years, regular hosing if it gets covered with insects (and it has been well caked with grasshoppers) prevents any overheating problems.

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    Those of you with a snorkel should think about that too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Splashdown View Post
    Those of you with a snorkel should think about that too.
    I have a foam sock to go over the ram intake in extreme dusty conditions, and also at times of heavy insect infestation.

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    I've always just turned the ram head backwards. Sure it works alittle harder to draw air but it's alot cleaner.
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