Hi Guyz
I finally got around to completing a project that has been in my head for years; turn my front bar into an air tank so I can run a rattle gun whilst out wheelin on a tough trail!

I installed my ARB compressor in behind my spare wheel - mainly because under the bonnet of my JK the temperature reaches that of Satans BBQ!

I then welded up the ends of my front bar to make it Air tight - drilled and tapped a brass drain plug and installed a quick release air outlet with non return valve.

I wanted to know the pressure so I added a PSI gauge to the right of my steering wheel.

Finally today I charged it up to 100psi (recommended by the manufacturer of my rattle gun) and attempted to get 1 of the wheel studs off that had been rattled on by an intellectually challenged tyre monkey! LoL - so tight that I bent by wheel brace trying to loosen it!

If anyone has done similar or has any ideas to improve functionality - please post up!

I hope you enjoy the write up as much as I will enjoy having my rattle gun on the trails

ps - the last 2 pix are photobucket videos - I hope they work (i'm trialling it in preference to youtube)