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    Smile Satans Sauna

    Hey all
    as those of you with JK's know all to well , Satans sauna resides under most of our bonnets!

    Whilst I was installing my snorkel the sleeve of my T-shirt got caught on one of the little clips that holds the radiator over flow pipe and with virtually no force at all it snapped off!
    Upon investigation I discovered that the plastic is extremely brittle - and I put that down to the fact that it is @#$%'n hot under there!

    $1.00 bonnet scoop (Ebay of course) + postage

    As some of you already know I installed my snorkel and after you have made one giant hole in the bonnet a second smaller one isn't that scary! LoL - ok yes it is - I think I will always $hit myself when I attack my beautiful Jeep with an angle grinder

    1. Mark out a suitable area - I decided that just behind the bonnet re in-forcing - ie between the strap attachment point and the windscreen water jet would be overall the best place - I certainly was not going to cut into the bonnet sub frame!

    2. Using a very thin disc cut out the desired area - be very carefull when cutting with a disc as the heat build up will melt your bonnet paint - i ran a hose on the bonnet whilst I cut to dissipate the heat

    3. Good luck trying to find the centre of the bonnet - I guessed it with my eye - it looked wrong - I measured it with a tape - still looked wrong - I think its because the rubber windscreen stoppers are not exactly in the centre of the water jet or??
    anyway I just threw 2 "L" plates on the bonnet and peeled off the double sided tape backing and with my fingers crossed and a prayer dropped the scoop on the bonnet!

    4. in hind sight - I should have spray painted the scoop first - I originally thought why bother painting a black plastic scoop on a black plastic Jeep LoL

    Cheers Hunty

    I have since done a lot more test and will post up again soon
    Luv My Jeep!

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    Can I also suggest covering windscreen when using the grinder to avoid marking the glass with the filings.

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