Hi Guyz
I thought I would post up what I learnt installing my Rancho's with external reservoir!

1. They don't fit out of the box & clash with the rear sway bar.
2. They are awesome - have improved my ride outta sight!
3. its a relatively easy adjustment / fix to make them fit.

The front Ranchos installed easily and fitted very well but the rear Ranchos ext reservoir outlet / connection was positioned exactly on top of the sway bar and if installed as is & without modification would definitely get broken off first time out wheelin.

I am sure there are many solutions however the one I chose not only makes space for the ranchos but also gives a little help to the rear sway bar.

I added a small block to lower the the sway bar mount on both sides and now there is ample clearance

I hope this info is useful to those of you with JK's and Adjustable Rancho's with Ext reservoirs

cheers Hunty