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Thread: Transways Express Courier Service

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    Default Transways Express Courier Service

    The company I work for has just launched an express courier service and I have managed to get special rates for SJC members.

    If you sign up using the below promo code, the rates you get should be significantly less than anything you can find as a one off courier customer.

    To sign up:
    1. Go to and “CLICK TO LOG IN"
    2. Click on “Join Now” located down the bottom
    3. Complete the fields
    4. Enter Promo Code – SJC2011-RC

    At present, the only payment method you can use through this signup code is credit card, however, if you are a business client and would like to discuss credit terms please contact me and I will arrange for credit applications to be sent out.

    If you have any questions about this, please email me rcampbell[at]

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    KEWL! Excellent!
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