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Thread: New Wooders Address

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    Default New Wooders Address

    Wooders Jp Garage has now moved just up the street to:
    Unit 28
    29 Leighton Pl
    Hornsby NSW 2077

    Same Email address but please note we have changed or phone number.

    • 0413138550

    If I do not answer the phone, it's not that I don't want to talk to you I'm just busy under a Jeep
    Please just leave a message (generally voice2txt) and I'll call back as soon as I can.
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    Is that the old Broadys Automotive?
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    Broady is still there - So we'd better not call him old
    We are in the same building as him.

    Edit not anymore - please note our new new address in the first post.
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    Nice work I'll update the banner here shortly

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    Good move - photos please! When is the opening party?

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    Updating this thread - We've moved again. Our new contact detail are:
    Unit 28 / 29 Leighton Pl Hornsby
    0413138550 (Please note I no longer have a LAN phone number)

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