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Thread: Micoffroad ?

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    Default Micoffroad ?

    Any one have actual experience with ?

    Do these bars etc conform to design standards. ?

    I find the rear Bar interesting:

    Any other related comments, experiences, or thoughts?


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    Hi Shane,

    Not had any experience with them personally.

    The bars may (or may not be) ADR compliant but I seriously doubt they will actually be ADR approved. That mainly relates to the front bars not the rear bars though. I don't think there are too many ADRs relating to the rear bars. Mainly the front to try and improve pedestrian safety. To my knowledge the only front bars that are actually approved are the ARB, TJM and DBOR front bars. Others may be complaint but haven't gone through the testing process as it's too expensive.

    I quite like both the front and rear bars. When I eventually get around to putting bars on my JK I'll have to have a loser look.


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    Default Thx

    thx Paul,

    A friend recently bought the rugged ridge bars, and I hear that the company he bought them from are currently looking into the certification.

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