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Thread: " HELP " Diff Is Gone.

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    Default " HELP " Diff Is Gone.

    Hi there guys.

    Can anyone help assist with the rebuild of a diff in my ZJ 96 model Grand Cherokee( rear ) ? I've already done the gearbox and CV's and that was expensive enough. The parts on the Jeep have been overwhelming on repairs since I bought it and need to find someone who's not going to destroy my bank account.

    I actually went to pedders to get some shocks replaced and they told me 2 grand. That was when I told them to get F>>>>D. I said to them " They are shock absorbers mate, are you kidding me ? " Their reply was " oh it's Jeep mate , you know they're expensive " I imported them from the states and paid 220 dollars and fitted them myself. This country on parts costs is just bullshit. Can anyone help here with getting this diff of mine rebuilt ? I may even be able to rip it out myself if I can save some money or do we have someone on this forum that fixes things like this without killing bank accounts ?

    Thanks Guys

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    Pete, one way to get assistance in removing/replacing the diff is to post up for a couple of wrenching days. There are a couple of members who live in your neck of the woods, and may be prepared to give you a hand. You may even be lucky enough to find someone who could help/ advise you on the task of rebuilding it.

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    Is an easy job.
    Do you use it 4wding or daily driver?
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