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    After experiencing plenty of hood lifting passing Big Semis etc at 100kph on the highways, I installed one of the better accessories that you can have for your JK (and I suppose the TJ)
    It's a set of Rugged Ridge Hood latches. Really solid, well made and easy to install with no extra modifications. Took all of 15 minutes and some basic tools. Get yours today from I know he had a few extra shipped in..


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    we had to upgrade our TJ one's after one was sheared off going 110ish and a truck passed in the opposite direction about 30km's from Wilcania

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    I keep saying to my self to stop spending but I just had to do one more small thing that was bugging me.

    I installed a pair of rear coil wedges to straighten up the coils. Got a pair of poly correction wedges from SBR who are excellent to deal with. Ordered Wed, arrived this morning
    Now the springs sit absolutely straight as. Takes only about 30-40 minutes to do.

    All you need is at level ground & rest, to install a pair of coil retainer clamps. Use a 1/2" ratchet gun (much easier with a gun else use a socket) to squeeze the coils. Use a BIG jack to lift the chassis, till tyres just get off the ground, remove springs, place wedges, replace springs, lower Jeep, undo retainers then do other side. Be sure the vehicle is well supported as with no spring it could come crashing down on the axle or worse on you.
    It does however raise Jeep a bit but that was only about 6mm. Nothing really.
    So happy now



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