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Thread: TJ Tyre Options

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    Hi Sheffy,

    Ah, ok, thanks so much for the heads up, I shall definitely be looking into this, becoming a member and attending the meetings where possible.

    Nice, good to see some more Northern Beaches guys who aren't locked into the "insular peninsular mentality". My best mate has a 2002 Grand Cherokee Laredo he's been building up for about 6 months or so now, he and I are hoping to take my TJ on her Maiden Voyage this Friday, any local tracks you can suggest for an absolute first timer? Saw somewhere that there are a few runs near Terry Hills/Duffys Forest Way?

    If you're ever looking for a buddy, hit us up man, would love to swap stories and really get into really understanding the finer mechanics of setting up a rig.



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    Haha thanks Paul, I shall definitely keep that in mind, the more I research the more my hand twitches for that oh so satisfying sensation of buying something on credit. Luckily I've had the will power to keep away from doing so at this stage.

    I could be looking in totally the wrong places, but have found Mickey T's to be rather elusive in my area, ended up sticking with the A/T3's so far pretty happy with the everyday city performance, much better than the 60% worn super budget tyres that were on there, I must say. I did have a good look at the P3's and they would definitely have been a solid compromise for the Coopers.

    Thanks so much for all your invaluable information Paul, such an excellent break down of the tyres market, was just what I was looking for.

    Happy Travels,


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    Hey Peter,

    Had the immediate reaction to send you a "virtual high five" on the 05 TJ. Having such a ball with mine.

    This is only my second car and was running a 95 Impreza for the last 4 or 5 years before she died on me and got too expensive to fix. I feel your pain, I think unless you are into a particular type of driving and car, those who aren't in the know just don't know what it's like to have a decent set of tyres or overall set up. Just means that whether we are on or off track we really know what a nice ride feels like.

    Keep us updated on how your set up goes and which muddies you decide in the end. Have you made any other modifications yet?

    Best of luck find those tyres,


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    Hey Tim,

    Sounds like it might be too late if you've already settled on the AT3's but I got my Mickey T's through Tyre Power in Narrabeen (I lived over in Warriewood until Dec last year). Mal sorted me out with them......and does a good job on servicing if you're looking for somewhere. He used to service my JK and out Suzuki Jimny. His boys are all into 4WD's but not just the usual Nissota crowd.


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    Thanks Paul,

    I did check them out and found them to be more expensive than the AT3's. Did like the look for the Muddies they had up there so will reconsider when I look to run two sets of wheels. Ill drop by and have a chat, as I most certainly am in the market for a new mechanic, thanks so much again.


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