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Thread: 96 TJ front pad and rotor replacment

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    Default 96 TJ front pad and rotor replacment

    Hey All.

    I'm going to be attempting to replace my front brake pads and maybe my rotors (depending on wear) in my 96 TJ wrangler sport soon. Could anyone recommend the best brands or types to use as I have never done it in a Jeep before.

    Thanks for any help or advice y'all can provide :-)

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    Bendix for pads and probably DBA for discs. I buy all my brake parts from Burt Bros on Fairfeild st, Villawood. They're pretty good
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    Bursons give mil discount Mate!!

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    Would be worth your while to check out your brake piston to see if the bakerlyte coating (think that's how you spell it!) on the piston has begun to wear. If so replace..... better to check/do/replace, then wait for one or both to seize the brake on.......... or warp a disc due to the heat buildup................
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    Damn, can not edit my above posting?........ Anyway, I had to replace my brake pads again after a week when the right front piston seized on one day............ but luckily I did not need to replace the rotor....
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    Hey All..

    Thanks for the advice. I replaced the pads with new ones without incident. They are working well and my jeep is stopping much better now. It took me a little longer than recommended but i think i did well for my first go.. Can wait to take on my next challenge of replacing the bushings on my suspension and sway bar and control arms.... :-)

    Thanks all

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    Hi mate, what brand/model pads did you go with?

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