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Thread: Prospecive Members Trip Sunday 15th November 2015 Zig Zag-Lithgow

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    Default Prospecive Members Trip Sunday 15th November 2015 Zig Zag-Lithgow

    ZIG ZAG Sunday 15th November 2015

    When: Sunday 15th November 2015

    Location: Zig Zag- Lithgow

    Hi Guys,

    As discussed with Heidi we are going to put on a prospective members trip to ZIG ZAG area Lithgow on the above date.
    This trip will have 10 spots for members and 14 spots for prospective members(visitors). This will give us a good mix so we can give the prospective members enough individual attention on the trails. (Assuming prospective members are new 4wd owners. Please ignore if there are experienced visitors in the mix.) We will splitinto two groups once at zig Zag and start from two different parts of the track. There will be two RV points depending on people's preferences.

    Rough trip guide: Wombat Holes (C), Pipelines (B), Lost City (D), Ranger Bob and Son of Bob (C), Wombat holes on top of Son of Bob (C), Powerlines (D) (Spanish steps if we have time and good mods B+) and back home.

    Plan is to reach Zig Zag Railway Parking by 0845. Air down, disconnect, Convoy procedures briefing and hit the tracks by 0900. Lunch at The Lost City. Be back at the Zig Zag station by 1430. Air up and hit the road by 1500 reaching Richmond by 1600.

    Trip Grades are Classed as under:

    D: Easy trip, dirt road. Any AWD car will do this with ease. Probably wont need to engage 4wd.
    C: Moderate trip. Car with Low range 4wd and Road tyres can run these. May need recovery (gentle tug with a snatch strap) for stock independent suspension vehicles over some obstacles.
    B: Moderate +. 4wd with low range, 2" Suspension Lift and 31"+ Aggressive tyres recommended as minimum. May need a snatch over some obstacles. Need good quality recovery points. You may scratch your car (Low probability).
    A: Difficult. 4wd with Low range, 2" Suspension Lift and 33" aggressive tyres and atleast one locker as minimum requirement. Good chance of damage to the vehicle.

    **** P.S: Please check with your insurance company if your insurance cover includes off road damage****

    Please specify which RV Point u r gonna meet up at.

    RV Point 1: Richmond Mc Donalds (Brekky) (Cnr March & Eastmarket Sts, Richmond, NSW 2753) 0715 Hrs Depart for Lithgow by 0745 Hrs (Sharp).....

    RV Point 2: Zig Zag Railway (Clarence on The Bells Line Of Road) Parking 0845 Hrs.....

    RV point 2 is 73km from RV point 1 on The Bells Line Of Road.

    Grade: The trip will be primarily C with B/B+ options (B/B+ options will be taken depending on the mods on the Jeeps on the day)

    Numbers: 10 Member Jeeps including me
    14 Visitor Jeeps

    UHF Channel: 15

    Minimum Requirements: All 4X4 Jeeps welcome irrespective of the mods.
    CB radio, Recovery points (Factory points will be fine if only attempting C Options, Recovery gear (Snatch Strap and 2 Shackles desirable but I will be carrying a couple incase you dont have them), Air compressor, Kids, Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Any friend, Camera, Food/Drinks of choice.

    Further info contact -Mani 0405801230 (Please leave an SMS if no answer as I am not allowed to take my phone into work)

    1. Mani @ Trbn8r @ Richmond McDonalds
    2. Gene @ gbrednya @ Zig Zag
    3. Will @ Will98 @ Zig Zag
    4. John & Di @ Isherz @ Zig Zag
    5. Andy & Charl @ RedRubi
    6. Dave @ Dobbo56 @ Richmond McDonlds
    7. Steve & Heyley @ Jeep11 @ Zig Zag
    8. Marty @ Marty84 @ Richmond Meccas
    10. Richard @ RichHenning @ Zig Zag
    11. Rob @ Uncaged123 @ Zig Zag

    1. Dyllan @ Dy2707 @ Richmond Meccas
    2. Mark @ Mark Fraser @ Zig Zag
    3. Daniel @ Daniel.Djuracic @ Zig Zag
    4. Hailbou @ Zig Zag
    5. Kegsy JK @ Richmond McDonalds
    6. Jai @ Runtsies @ Richmond McDonalds
    7. Dean @ BigJK @ Richmond McDonalds
    9. Piero @ Peo @ Richmond McDonalds
    11. Bill @jk Bill @ Zig Zag
    12. Dylan @ TrooperDyl
    13. Sean & Daphne @ SeanC @ Zig Zag

    Reserves: (Visitors and Members Combined)

    Cheers and happy Jeeping...

    P.S: Can the Mods please advertise this on the SJC and Jambo facebook page .....
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