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Thread: Lost keys, replacement tips and alternatives

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    Unhappy Lost keys, replacement tips and alternatives

    I have a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee and recently lost one of the keys. The replacement quote I have is AUD $713 for the key/fob and a further $150 to program it to the car. My biggest concern is with the cost of the key, besides being seriously over priced, why in the US the same key for the same car (with additional functionality I might add) can be purchased for $40 USD. Can someone please advise if there is an alternative to spending $800 to replace a key, which is obviously not worth $800.

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    Some key remotes can be programmed by the owner - so you buy a replacement key online, then follow the usually youtube steps to re program. However a google search said that the Grand Cherokee fob can not be reprogrammed by the owner, you would need an automotive locksmith or a dealer. Apparently it requires specialist diagnostic equipment

    So I guess your options are either to bite the bullet with Jeep for $800, or find an automotive locksmith, and ask if they could program a fob that you could purchase online...

    Unless someone else has more ideas...?

    Good Luck!

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    I work for NRMA Roadservice, and the other patrols and myself commonly refer these types of jobs to a locksmith company called Sydney Security Locksmiths. Their phone number is 02 9734 7155 or after hours 0414 466 228. They are a mobile locksmith company that will come out to and are very professional. I would suggest giving them a ring and have a chat to them and tell them your dilemma. They will tell you over the phone if they can or can't help you, and how much it will end up costing. In my experience they are a damn site cheaper than going to the dealer who often end up getting a locksmith out to program the keys anyway
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    The $ 800 replacement of a key is definitely not worth it. The prices offered by dealers are very high, and looking for other craftsmen who make keys will save you a lot of money. Ask your friends, they must know a lot of these people. In addition, you should be prepared to prevent loss again: Tthese little things can help you find the key at a critical moment.

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