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    Question WK2 Rims

    My first post. I have a Grand Cherokee Overland - MY15 model. Its time to get new tyres and I am looking at a set of 18" rims in black. Tyres will be Hanrook Dynapro AT-M LT275/65/R18. Tyres seem to be the easy part but trying to find rims is exasperating. I am after 18s in black that will fit "comforatbly" on the Jeep. Has anyone had recent experience in buying a set rims as I have just described?
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    Default WK2 Rims

    If I recall correctly WK2 is same stud pattern and similar offset to the JK. I see JK 18" Sahara rims come up semi regularly on gumtree as most JKs drop back to 17s for big rubber, so this might be a good lead for you.

    If you like the style but not the color/finish you can always plaint or plasti-dip them black to match.

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