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Thread: Abercrombie River National Park (September 22 - 24)

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    Default Abercrombie River National Park (September 22 - 24)

    On the weekend of September 23 & 24, we’d like to explore Abercrombie River National Park with fellow adventurers. We hope to familiarise ourselves with the park and potentially plan a return visit in the coming months.

    There are four main campsites in Abercrombie River NP. We’ll meet at the most accessible site (Bummaroo Ford) on Friday afternoon, and camp at the most secluded site along the river (The Beach). We’ll take it easy on Saturday, and explore the tracks and the other sites on Sunday before leaving the park and heading home.

    September 22nd to 24th.


    The Beach campground in Abercrombie River NP. Camping is free and cannot be booked in advance.

    Friday afternoon at Bummaroo Ford campground by 4:00 pm, then continue toward The Beach campsite via the Abercrombie River Fire Trail.

    Note: Bummaroo Ford is approximately 3:40 minutes from Sydney. If anyone would like to join us on the Saturday, we could arrange an alternate meeting point.

    Based on research, D to C. The park is open, though as always subject to weather.
    Access to The Beach is listed as 4WD only and available to those with camper trailers, with care.

    This trip is suitable for stock Jeeps with rated recovery points front & rear, recovery gear & UHF radio.
    As this is a weekend trip, all requisite camping equipment, food and drink for 4 days, camera and entertainment of choice.

    For Details Contact:
    Nick Wright - 0473 526 975.

    I’ll provide updates on weather and park conditions in case of changes.

    National Parks Info:

    This run is limited to 6 vehicles, since it will be my first outing as trip leader.

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    Nick, I'm mid exam so can't join you on this. BUT, this is meant to be a great place to look for platypus. You'd need to go walking at night, still could be worth it.

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    Looking forward to exploring Abercrombie River NP.

    The weather looks great with lows around 10, highs around 25, and no rain. Ive checked with NPWS Oberon and there are no track closures or fire bans in the park.

    The tents back on the Jeep, all our recovery gear is sorted and the satellite communicator re-activated.

    Anyone interested is welcome to Join us. Bring on the weekend!

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    We loved Abercrombie River National Park. The campsites were beautiful, the weather was great and we had fun.

    On the Friday we aimed for Bumaroo Ford Campground just outside the park, the would be rendez-vous point, but missed it and since we were the only travelers we continued on to The Beach Campground. It was a pretty, secluded site surrounded like a peninsula by the mighty Abercrombie and we settled in for the weekend. On Sunday we toured the park and checked the two other campsites before heading home.

    Map of our Sunday route

    We entered from Arkstone Road, near Emden Vale on the western side of the park. We weren't tracking via GPS on Friday, but we went straight from the entrance to The Beach campground that day, visible above as the westernmost tent icon.

    On Sunday we went from The Beach to Silent Creek Campground (35 minutes), and followed a very roundabout path to The Sink campground before exiting the park. In all we were touring for about 4h, and the drive back to Sydney took about 3.5h after airing up.

    Steep climb out of the campground

    There were tons of steep climbs and descents, and a handful of river-crossings too. The park was great for light 4WD sight seeing, I'd say the tracks were between D and C grade, and in good condition. National Parks advises tourists to avoid it when wet, and it certainly would be a struggle were the roads to become muddy.

    I would whole-heartedly recommend a weekend in Abercrombie River NP. The Beach and Silent Creek are both phenomenal campsites, but the Sink wasn't as secluded as the other two, nor as well maintained. Here are some pics of The Beach, and hopefully I'll eventually be able to share the GPX file.

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    Hehe awesome to see you on your way back through the mountains! Was good to travel with you back from Hartley as there were some very bad / slow drivers on the road that day :/
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    Hey Nic , we did a run up there in July to the beach......great location. Very scenic drive

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    Hey Dan, I was excited to see another club member on our return trip. See you on the trails soon

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    Yeah it was beautiful Steve. My post didnt do it justice.

    We saw goats, foxes, and were pretty sure we spotted a platypus too. There was a big Wombat around our site at night, and we only encountered a couple other campers in the entire park.

    Looking forward to camping again this weekend!

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    there is also camping at the Glen - it is behind locked gates, that is available for groups

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    Crazy. We saw signage for the area but it’s not mapped as a campsite in Hema, Wikicamps or NPWS’ own map.

    Sounds like you know the right people ��



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