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Thread: Swing Bridge 24-2-18

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    Hi Dru,

    Could you please add Sammie and I to the list?

    - Afiq JKU

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    Trip Coordinator/Association Delegate Dru's Avatar
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    Hey guys - to be clear - This trip is being run by Richard Henning.

    All the best.


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    Hi Richard, would you please add me in?
    Martin T

    通过我的 VKY-AL00 上的 Tapatalk发言

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    Quote Originally Posted by gp View Post
    Dru please put me down for this trip.
    Regards John Clark.
    Added to the list John. Rich

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin View Post
    Hi Richard, would you please add me in?
    Martin T

    通过我的 VKY-AL00 上的 Tapatalk发言
    Added to the list Martin. Time to join man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Afiq View Post
    Hi Dru,

    Could you please add Sammie and I to the list?

    - Afiq JKU
    Added to the list Afiq

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    Just bumping this trip up - to keep it fresh. Should be a great day out, and be warned - The Swingbridge is not for the faint hearted!

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    Hi Rich,

    Please add Julie & I to the list for the Swing Bridge trip.

    Thanks Wayne
    Wayne & Julie Atto - WK2

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    Ok, added to the list Wayne and Julie, thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dru View Post
    EDIT: Richard Henning has kindly offered to lead this trip - thanks Rich!

    Scenic family day trip to Bowtells Swing Bridge via Jenolan Forest, also called 6 Foot Track.

    No limit of numbers, we will make sure there are enough guides to bring everyone. There is a walk through to the swing bridge which is actually part of the famous 6 foot track. The creek is fine for a dip if it's hot. Bring swimmers.

    This is an easy drive with lots of time for a picnic at Cox river bank and a bush walk to the Swing bridge, about a 1km walk, and a challenge to walk across it.

    Meet: Hartley Court House (This is on Old Bathurst Road just slightly off Great Western Highway)

    Time: 9:00am with 9:15am departure (If running late or no show please ring me Rich on 0400 513 630)

    Grade: D can potentially depend on weather in previous couple of days but track is suitable for stock vehicles. It can involve a couple of usually shallow river and creek crossings. Has some nice ruts!
    Great for newcomers, stock vehicles, families, or if you want to show us your latest mods. Just a nice day out. There is lots of driving though, so be warned.

    If there is no fire ban I will do a simple sausage sizzle for us for lunch

    Fuel: Coming from Sydney, last servo is at Mt Victoria before Hartley. Be advised trek itself is ~60kms plus ~40kms on tarmac, Please fuel up before meeting the convoy.

    Where: Bowtells Swing Bridge

    When: Saturday 24th February 2018

    Requirements: No major requirements, radio for comms, your own first aid kit is advisable as is suncream. Walking shoes. Bring food and drink and a camera.

    This run is limited to: no limit

    Contact: Rich Henning. 0400 513 630


    1. richhenning: Richard henning: JKU
    2. SteveF: Steve; JK
    3. OlegIv: :KL Trailhawk
    4. Peo: Piero: JK
    5. Hitesh: Hitesh: JKU
    6. Tardinha: Mark: Trailhawk
    7. Argarwal_Rahul: Rahul: JKU
    8. Martin : JKU
    9. GP: John : JK
    10. Afiq : JKU
    Wayne & Julie Atto - WK2

    please include me as well for this trip. X4 TJ.

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