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    Hello Club

    We are wanting to increase under body clearance by raising the bash plate. The only way we have seen to potentilly achieve this is by lifting the body.

    Has anyone already successfully raised the bash plate? If so how did you do it and what issues did you encounter?


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    Haven't done it myself, but I've seen the raised bash plates available that require a body lift for installation. I imagine this would actually raise the transfer case, and you would probably need raised engine mounts as well as a slip yoke eliminator on the transfer case to make this work properly
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    Most of these require some or all of the following:
    0.5 - 1-1.25" body lift
    1" engine mount lift,
    Adjustable suspension arms.
    You'll also need a cable conversion for the Transfer case selector and maybe exhaust mods.

    Degree of difficulty changes with how much you want to lift the transfer case. Are you after a flat to the chassis rail option or are you happy with better than you have now?

    Some brands:

    • UCF (Under Cover Fab)
    • Nth Degree
    • Savvy (aluminium)
    • Rockhard 4x4
    • Teraflex
    • GenRight Off-Road
    • Clayton Off-Road
    • Rugged Ridge

    Undercover fab and North Degree aren't flat plates but both suggest you don't have to do a body lift to fit them. Both require you to dimple the tunnel to give you clearance. North Degree provide a dolly to help with this.

    I really dislike body lifts, so was looking at the North Degree version (it provides about 50-60mm of lift). The issue I've come across after reading some installs is that it's swivelling the motor/box on the engine mounts and there is talk of having to lower the radiator shroud. That's not ideal either, so it's in the too hard/can't decide/will revisit at a later date basket at present.
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    Daz is pretty close.
    I'm not a BL fan, inatead i like to either replaced the mounts with larger mounts or lift the frame brackets up (way more work).
    Yes you'll want a MML but this negates the need to adjust the fan shroud or radiator as the relative position is kept.
    Needs a SYE, rear upper adjustable arms & exhaust mods.
    The tcase shift kits that eliminate the body mount will also work.

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    I used an aev plate no body lift or mml
    I want lcg only drilled a new hole for tcase shifter pivot
    Pushing everything up has created some issues heat etc so a bl has its pros n cons but my setup is LCG

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