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    i have a tj 2004. Seem to be getting a chirping cracking sound from left front. Mechanic n tyre place says its my ill fitting rims on the hub rubbing. I got 33s 15x8. No spacers. Sunrayia dynamic wheels. Does this sound familar to anyone? Noise only been around for last few months only. Thanks.

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    How long have you had these ill-fitting rims, if they have been on your TJ before the noises, rule them out.

    I'd be looking at wheel bearing/axle u-joint issues.

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    ever since i had the car, about 4 years. Though the noise comes and goes over the years, had a break of no noise for 2 years then did fraser island at xmas , into the sea, and ever since noise been there. Now in latest week the noise is starting to disappear. Mechanic says its not unijoint as a differnt typr of noise. Mech says rim is rubbing and causing wear on hub. Hence why they think its the rims. Im thinking wheel bearing in hub on left side. Noise occurs more when turning steering wheel to the left and disappears when turning right. Noise when straight.

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    Sound is clicking, not a humming thumping wheel bearing noise

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diverdarrin View Post
    Sound is clicking, not a humming thumping wheel bearing noise
    You really need to jack up the tyre and do a bit of wiggling but there's only so many things it can be. From the sounds, it needs a bit of mechanical love anyway.

    If you're unsure get it to one of the independent Jeep specialists rather than the local tyre place, least you'll have people with a bit of knowledge looking at it.
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    Hi all

    doesnt appear related to wheels. Researching i discovered the term 'angry sparrows'. Referring to the chirping sound. Sounds like mine. Even on youtube, its my noise. Relating to centre yoke on front shaft in front of transfer case. Has any one experienced the same thing? Looking at my shaft, seems to have 2 uni joints in front of tc.

    does anyone recommend a jeep specialist , preferred in southern part of sydney.. thanks.

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    Taking off front driveshaft and noise disappears!! So confirms it relates to ds. Think its a worn centring ball in double cardan joint. Need to find a place to replace it.

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    To close this off, got another 2004 driveshaft from wreckers , installed, and no noise still. Resolved.

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