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Thread: 2015 Blackhawk 3.2l petrol - timing chain slip, valve damage

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    Default 2015 Blackhawk 3.2l petrol - timing chain slip, valve damage

    Dear Members,

    I've reviewed the posts and apologies if this has been covered and I've missed it, but most grateful for any advice.

    I've just been advised that my Cherokee (80,000 kms) has had the above problem; compression test shows low on all cylinders, 0% on nr 6. She's not running now.

    A couple of questions:

    1. Do I have any recourse for relief with FCA? If so, any tips for someone new in this space? It has had a couple of services outside of dealerships (two I think), and I am the second owner.

    2. If not, what's the best / most economical fix: engine rebuild or engine replacement?

    This is my third Jeep. I've had to GCs previously and loved them, but this one has proven to be, sadly, a nightmare.

    Grateful for any advice from the learned.



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    Not sure how much knowledge we might have on here. Have seen a LOT of mechanical problems and solutions through the JGC Club Aust Facebook page. Hope you get a good outcome!

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    Also try They have individual threads for each model jeep and have quite a bit of knowledge there and folks whom maybe able to help you.
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    Is it still under warranty?? We have a my15 Cherokee which we bought new from the dealer in 2017. It came with a 5 year warranty. I don't know if you'll have any satisfaction from FCA but you won't know until you ask. The fact that it's been serviced elsewhere other than Jeep may be fuel for them to say that it's been serviced incorrectly or they've used the wrong type of oil etc etc. As a mechanic, I service mine religiously every 6 months and I only use genuine parts and Penrite oil so if anything like this happens, I have receipts for everything proving it's been serviced correctly. So far we have had no problems with warranty issues.
    If I was in your shoes and can't get any love from Jeep, I'd probably look for a 2nd hand motor although I don't think they'd be easy to find as they're still a relatively new model. Whichever path you choose it isn't going to be cheap either way.
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