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    Default Introducing Gonzo

    Hi All,

    It was a great experience to come to my first meet today. I enjoyed meeting folk in centennial park and watching the meeting unfold.

    The club has a great community vibe to it and look forward to heading out on my first trip with you all, increasing my skills and getting out of sydney.

    I have signed up here and shot some funds through paypal. Does this make me member #100?

    Gonzo (Gordon)

    Recent photos of the 03 TJ out and about.


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    Fan...bloody....tastic Gonzo! (Gordon)
    Yes that makes the century member!!!
    Welcome and see you on the trax ! Or the Xmas party repeat location 1/12
    Cheers Di VP

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    Oh Wow Gordon!!!

    Welcome aboard.

    I look forward to having you join in on many trips to come.

    PS, if you want in on Next Sundays run at Zig Zag, respond to the thread for that trip and I will add one more to the list.

    Ben Perfect - Sydney Jeep Club Trip Coordinator
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