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Thread: jeep wrangler tj hardtop weight???

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    Default jeep wrangler tj hardtop weight???

    hey guys, as the topic saids anyone know how much the hardtop weights... i got a high carport and was thinkin of building a hoist.. so it can be a one man job ( me) to add or remove hardtop.
    and secondly so if need be i can chuck it on the trailer to take away just incase softtop breaks.. i dont want to be towing to much weight.. thanks in advance

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    TJ hardtop weights under 150 pounds, so well under a 100kg. I agree, it is not easily managed by 1 person as it is an awkward thing to balance. So a hoist is the best solution to solve that issue. I recently got this "dolly" built to store it upright, see attached specs ( got it from a US forum ), if that helps.

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    i thought they where about 40kg
    I like the storage rack thing might have to get Brian to make two for our hard tops

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    ok cool... just did a conversion about 65kg... hmm maybe to heavy for the carport beams. doesnt seam that heavy just awkard ... but i like today just nice weather love to get it off and have top down but cant get it off on my own lol.... ohh like trolley idea... maybe i coulcd use a mechanics under car roller just to move it..

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    I looked at a few mechanics under car rollers but was just not sure about their strength & quality but was mainly concerned about the risk of cracking the rear glass window just in case… they can be expensive to replace.

    The dolly costs under $100 to make and is very sturdy & mobile with lockable wheels, hopefully also re-usable as i upgrade to future versions of the wranglers. Good luck.

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    Hi guys, I am looking for a jku hardtop storage. do you have any suggestion on the web, some feedback? (right now my hardtop is on my living room :-))
    thanks in advance.



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