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Thread: ABS light warning

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    Unhappy ABS light warning


    i got my ABS light turning on and off, it one month ago now.
    i bring to a garage and they change the ABS sensor ($311 + $121 for the scan) (only the front driver side)

    i took my car yesterday from the garage and the light appear after 8 minutes.
    Do you have any idea about this?
    do you know maybe a better garage?

    thanks in advance.

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    Lol itís a Jeep thing!
    I have the same problem Nolan itís a light thing rather than the actual abs kicking in mine goes on on and off usually with a little bump in the road...we put it down to wire connectivity and ignore it!
    Hope this helps!

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    Try a good auto electrician, not Jeep. Sounds like it might be a loose connection as Di suggested.
    Once I had a abs sensor actually fail, and the abs activated! Bit scary in Paramatta Rd!!

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    Thanks guys,
    I bring back the car in the garage, and they told me it's a electric issue.
    hope i will not pay for that because i pay to change the sensor and I'm not sure it was the cause of the issue. :-(

    thanks for your feedback.
    I keep you inform if it's fix.


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    Nolan, notice you're in Drummoyne So close by to ATV Automotives, a Jeep specialist in Five Dock. Might be worth taking it there if you haven't already. I get pretty annoyed when I hear of people being charged $121 for a scan, it's a 10 min process at most and including the scan tool costs you shouldn't be charged anything like that.
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    Hi Daz7, now i'm living in bondi lol. yes i know ATV. i went there once and they want to charge me a lot for my new tires and rim. maybe it's my face :-(. but to tally agree with you about the scan thats horrible.
    I went to the garage again and they fix it for free this time. and it working very well no light anymore.

    Next time i will try another garage for sure.
    thanks for your feedback.

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