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Thread: JK 2014 Roof Rack and Roof Tent

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    Default JK 2014 Roof Rack and Roof Tent

    Hi all,

    I have a few questions as I was thinking of getting a roof tent but not sure if it's worth it if I use it only 2-3 times per year. I assume that I have to give up the soft top so I can install roof tack and then roof tent on it.

    Have any of you owning a roof tent? can you share your experiences here please? How heavy is it and is it easy to put it on top on the rack? Is it easy to use?

    And what brand / Place / website do you recommend for roof rack and roof tent?


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    Hi Roya,

    Although I hae never used one but I have seen people use it and I have an awning tent that I never use. Biggest drawback of a rooftop tent and the awning tent is that it is attached to the vehicle. Everytime you want to move the vehicle to go some where or for a drive you have to packup the tent. I will suggest if you cant fit a tent and your gear into the Jeep get a cheap camper trailer or a box trailer to carry your tent and camping gear in.

    I have a smallish camper trailer and I have used it effectively with 2 kids. If I am travelling alone I just use a swag.

    Second part is the expense. You are looking at about $12-1500 for the roof racks and another 1000-1200 for the tent. you can buy a basic trailer and a good tent for less than that money and use the trailer for other house hold jobs as well.


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    Hi Mani,

    Thanks for sharing your idea and experiences.
    I think in the long term, I will have to remove the back seat to have more space for camping gears or getting a small trainer as you suggest.


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