All Club members:
Please note I have updated the 'Sticky' posts for Club Convoy Procedures, and Trip Leader Notes, with amendments related to COVID-19 restrictions.

While the new changes does allow going out for a drive and a picnic in groups of up to 10 people, recreational driving is still restricted.
We will have to continue monitoring this but in the mean time this will mean no official club trips for a while more unfortunately.

When the Club does open new trips, we will suspend the practice of accepting visitors, except at the specific invitation of the trip leader. This will give club members a better chance of joining tips while numbers are restricted.

When a new trip is posted, there should be a note to say the when registering for a trip, the member has read and accepted these conditions, and 'signing-on' is their confirmation of that acceptance.

If anyone has any suggested amendments to the amended procedures, let me know and they can be reviewed by the committee.