Convoy Procedures - Sydney Jeep Club - with COVID-19 Precautions noted

All COVID-19 Comments are in [Bold] at June 17 restrictions level.

Register for the trip on the Club's Forum website. [You need to state your name, and the names of passengers. This is because the forum is used as a de-facto sign-on sheet. Trips are currently limited to 20 people, including the leader and ALL occupants, including children.]

All Jeeps must be registered and in a roadworthy condition.

Be sure that you are aware of the departure times and if you have to cancel from attending a trip you should advise the trip leader prior to the departure time.
[If you have ANY symptoms of COVID-19 before joining the trip, you need to withdraw from the trip immediately. This includes the Trip leader. If you first become aware of symptoms during the trip itself, you should inform the Trip Leader (by radio, if possible), and remain inside your vehicle, and further isolated from other participants. you should withdraw from the trip when you are safely able to do so, generally when back on a bitumen road, and confident in you ability to drive home from that point. If necessary, request another vehicle to accompany you, maintaining isolation as far as possible.]

Know and confirm the UHF channel to be used on the Trip, usually Channel 15 for all Club trips.Be on time at the meeting point, and ready to depart for the trip, with a full fuel tank. Make yourself known to the trip leader on arrival at meeting point.
[This should be done by UHF, if possible.]
Keeping others waiting is rude. Delays very quickly snowball.Make sure YOU sign the attendance (Trip) sheet.
[Whilst in COVID-19 restrictions, registration on the Forum is deemed to be effectively 'signing-on', including stating your name and names of all passengers.]

[Maintain social distancing of 1.5 metres at all times. This is best achieved by returning to your vehicle after you have identified yourself to the Trip Leader.]

On trips graded higher than C vehicles must have recovery points, front & rear, and basic recovery gear - snatch strap and rated shackles.All vehicles should have UHF Radio. If no such radio is carried, participation on the trip is at the discretion of the trip leader, and arrangements should be made to 'buddy' with another vehicle, either immediately before or after the vehicle without the radio.
[This should be identified on the Forum trip registration, when initially registering for the Trip.]

If in doubt as to your preparedness for a trip, discuss this with the trip leader prior to the trip. [This should be done on the Forum, when registering.]

A "Tail End Charlie" (TEC) will be appointed, and whilst this role can be shared, let the Trip Leader know of changes.

On the Trip
Convoy procedure becomes relevant when the convoy moves off from the starting point.

The trip leader should not be overtaken by any of the convoy, except in an emergency.

The TEC should report to the leader whenever the group has passed an obstacle or significant junction, or turn onto another road or track.

When traveling on sealed roads always leave an adequate distance between vehicles to allow non-convoy vehicles to overtake safely.At all significant junctions of tracks, wait where your Jeep can be seen by the driver of the following Jeep until the Jeep behind you has identified the correct route. This may involve waiting, but so be it. If everyone does this then nobody gets lost.

Inform the leader (and the Jeeps in front & behind you) if you wish to stop, particularly on any high-speed sections. It doesn't take long for the convoy to disappear out of sight (and out of UHF range).

At all times, but especially in wet and muddy conditions, hilly country or when your brakes are wet, keep a safe distance from the Jeep in front.

All gates must be left as they were found. The leader should advise and have acknowledged by the TEC of the status of the gate. The TEC is responsible for ensuring the gate is left as found.

All Jeeps should keep to the made tracks and only leave a track when necessary to by-pass a hazard. If you are unsure of tackling any hazardous section, STOP and allow an experienced driver to assist you.

Any damage caused to your Jeep is your own responsibility. Don't be afraid to stop and remove obstacles if you feel that obvious damage can be avoided.

When driving a difficult section, wait until the preceding Jeep has cleared the section. The Jeep in front should notify the following Jeep when the track is clear to proceed.

When waiting for the convoy to pass an obstacle, pull off the track whenever possible to allow for other vehicles using the track.

In difficult track sections, a driver may seek assistance by way of spotting, or the trip leader, or another experienced driver, may pro-actively spot for another driver. [This does not normally create any issues relating to COVID-19 social distancing requirements, but it is essential that we are all mindful of the requirements during this type of activity.]


It is very common that some participants take photos or videos of the Jeep action. This is fine, but everyone needs to exercise caution regarding their positioning and location during this activity. [This does not normally create any issues relating to COVID-19 social distancing requirements, but it is essential that we are all mindful of the requirements during this type of activity.]

If you are experiencing any difficulties on the trip, advise the trip leader.The trip leader, or his designate, will be in charge of all recovery operations, and all other vehicles and spectators should keep well clear. [This is especially important during COVID-19 restrictions. The recovery leader will request assistance as they determine is necessary. All others must remain at a reasonable distance. Because quick movements with little pre-warning may be necessary, this distance will normally be much greater than the minimum 1.5 metre social distancing required by COVID-19 regulations.]

Recovery operations can be dangerous, so stay a reasonable distance away if you are not directly involved.

Please ensure that you drive in a manner befitting a responsible 4Wheel Driver and club member.