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Thread: Saturday 1st August infamous killy loop run will probably do watagans instead due to water levels

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    Hi xj dan
    Are you a club member ?

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    Wish I could have attended but it’s just a bit beyond what I’m capable of presently....
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    The change of dates is fine for us.
    Confirming we will be going.



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    Hi Di, please take me off the list as I will not be able to attend, the TJ took a nasty hit to the side last weekend and will be in for some repairs

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    Default Saturday 18th July infamous killy loop run

    Hey Jared
    Thatís not good! Hope the tj
    Is back out there soon!

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    hi Di

    Im in as a reserve....keen to have another it works out.....


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    This trip is notorious for its bog holes ... having said that we always try to avoid mud however it depends on how much rain weíve had - not too much recently - were big fans of this trip due to its technicality and never had to replace our axle/seals. Your call of course .

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    Hi Di,

    I will have to pull out of this trip.

    The Jeep is currently up on axle stands with the gearbox out (new clutch)

    Parts should be here next week but will not give me enough time to throw her back together.

    Throwing some s/s headers in there whilst the exhaust is off rude not too [emoji1787]

    Hopefully see you all on the next one.


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    Bugger timing but you need your clutch! We put a heavy duty one in a couple of years ago to handle the additional stress! No problems wheeling since..!

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    Update weather wise
    Itís looking to rain most of next week... if so we will be postponing this trip as we donít want to drown our jeeps...while a few bog holes are manageable we are not prepared to take a group through this technical trip with so much water/mud.
    Will update Wednesday
    Thanks Di and John

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