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Thread: Wreckers or spares in Sydney for Jeep jku

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    Default Wreckers or spares in Sydney for Jeep jku

    Hi All

    Hope you all well?

    I wrecked the front driver side of my jeep 2016 jku.
    I am trying to get parts including the following :
    Fender, flare, grill, 4 wheels, front diff all 4 control arms and rear bumper some other minor spares.

    Came down Lithgow pass from Sydney a last Sunday during the snow and bad hail and the road became a ice ring. Ended up in the rocks.

    Hope someone can help with parts or wreckers so that I can get the jeep going again.


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    Not sure how you've gone with this but most of the parts you need are on Facebook marketplace if you do a search. Also try for new standard control arms, they range from $35-80 each plus shipping depending on manufacturer.
    My Jeep build videos -



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