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Thread: Auto start stop on JGC

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    Default Auto start stop on JGC

    My 2019 Grand Cherokee just stopped the auto start stop function one morning. In the last scheduled service with authorised centre they replaced the 2nd battery and say that auto start stop will take atleast 5000k mileage to fix itself. Is this really the case ?

    so I am thinking the issue will fix but have to wait for another 6 months to just reflect the fix? This is very annoying how can the system not fix on a battery change and all this coming from a authorised service centre

    the other issue my car always makes squeak sound when driven at very slow speed like with brakes on, reported that but they say they can’t replicate it and surprising this happens every day plus they say brake life is 80 percent remaining and they don’t see any mechanical issue

    I am really at a point where I think the support is not there , a bit disappointed

    any leads from experts here will help

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    Put the man in your car and you drive it. Both of you listen for the sound.

    I dislike auto stop start. As a part of my start up procedure I turn it off.


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