Hi Sydney Jeepers
I've had rain leaving puddles in the passenger footwell of my 2011 KK for a while now (only heavy rain, not drizzle). I've just had the windscreen checked and there are no leaks in the seals. We pulled the cowl off and noticed a grommet missing that covers a manufacturing hole in the recess that holds the intake for the aircon unit. The grommet on the driver's side was still in place so we assumed this was the problem and we sealed that off but the water is still getting in. I've looked behind the glove box and there is a water trail coming from the join between the top and bottom of the aircon unit and dripping down onto the floor. It has now completely fried my aircon unit and likely some of the other electronics as well. I put the hose over that side of the windscreen and it seems to drain in all the right places but is still getting down into the unit but I can't find from where. It is definitely not the actual aircon unit itself as it barely got used and never dripped and it only happens in heavy rain.

I'm having an auto electrician look at the aircon unit next week but that will be pointless if I can't get the leak fixed first.
1. Can someone please recommend if there is a fix or some way of looking at it at home first before I have to pay more $$?
2. If I can't find it myself can you recommend someone I can trust to pull it apart to look at it/fix it? I have limited mechanical abilities or dry space to do it.
3. If I have to get the aircon replaced, can I please get recommendations on who I can take it to? (I'm on Sydney Lower North Shore).

Thanks heaps