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Thread: Bumper install

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    Lightbulb Bumper install

    Hi Guys,

    I am looking to get the front and rear bumper "RUGGED RIDGE - JK XHD MODULAR BUMPER" but the Hills 4x4 ask me $700 to install them.
    so first question, is it a correct price?

    so i was thinking to install them by myself, it doesn't look difficult.
    Did someone got experience and feedback on JK bumper installation?

    thanks in advance.

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    Hey mate,

    That is a rip off. For an hours work with hand tools do it yourself, more fun doing it yourself and save the $$$ installing any bumper especially that one without any electrics is very straight forward. As long as you have a socket set and it helps having a friend to lift it on as the steel is heavy to manoeuvre by yourself but still achievable. Will take an hour roughly, just use factory bolts in factory holes.

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    Hi Nolan,
    I think if its just a straight install I reckon it would be easy done at home, if your Jk is carrying a winch there is a little more involved. You will need to relocate the vacuum pump to a new location, and re mount the winch plate and so on. Harry remember mate, it is for front and rear bar, so there could be a few more things to complete, IE relocating and wiring attached to the rear bar. I would ask Sam for a break down of the cost to install, I had lots of work done on my JK there, and I know he doesn't charge $700 per hour. Just a thought, he is a good Jeep guy.

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    Hi Harry and Jeep11

    thanks for your feedback, i very appreciate it.
    I don't have any winch atm so i will install the bar by myself, it will be fun !!!


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    I finally received all the part of the front bumper. i will start the install next week. if someone want my old front bumper feel free to take it.
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    Make it a tool day with a bbq or coldies. Id be happy to help. Just saying
    I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.
    Tim Tam

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    Looks nice [emoji108][emoji108]

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    Oh...very nice. Is this installation complicated?

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    Hi Konnan, it wasnt so difficult just few challenges but that okay. if have done it anyone can do it lol
    SJC #409 - Black JKU 2010

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