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Thread: trouble with wheel bearings and axels in 98 XJ

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    Default trouble with wheel bearings and axels in 98 XJ

    I had the back wheel bearings replaced and a couple of weeks later the jeep was making a whining noise at the back, took it back to the mechanic and he told me I had done a centre diff bearing. A few days later I was told it wasn't that but the back axles. Apparently the back axel was bent? So I went to pick the car up and was told they put in 2nd hand axels and now I have two different bearings on the back - not happy with this and they are replacing the odd one on Thursday so they are both the same. Couple of questions - is it ok to have 2nd hand axels and has anyone had trouble with after market wheel bearings - they slide down the axel so they don't sit where the old bearing used to sit. Hope this makes sense! Gordo

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    The bearings in the D35 run directly on the axle, so no inner bearing sleeve/race. What this means is that the hardening on the axle can get worn off when the bearing dies or siezes or even just wears. No problem replacing the axle with good ones, if this is done you can run standard bearings. If you dont replace the axle you can run the offset bearings that run on a different part of th axle. Either is good as long as you know what you have.

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    Thanks for the info! Gordo

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    This is not the ACT goat lovin Gordo is it ??

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    afraid not Aussie CJ7!

    So I had my bearing replaced today, now ive been told that i will have to have the diff rebuilt ( centre bearings ) - wont be going back to this mechanic after all the messing around
    he has given me!
    Is it hard to do the diff yourself and are there any special tools you need?? Any advise would be appreciated.
    Cheers Gordo

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    No Prob Gordo welcome to the SJC site

    Diff work is absolutely a specialist area with a number of critical measurements, it is possible to do it at home but given the cost of gear etc I prefer to send this out to a shop to do

    If you are on the North side of Sydney then Langs at Hornsby is well worth going to for any diff work

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    If you are out Westward way, try John MacDonald at J-Mac diff & gear in Arndell Park (Blacktown)..9671-5800........ Really knows the diff's etc....... Even has a TJ there the owner is setting up for drag racing.... Go figure, but it could be fun to watch it anyway on it's day......... When??..............
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