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    G'day all,

    what is the best type of clutch kit to purchase

    The clutch in my TJ has failed, it firstly got that burning smell then the whole vehicle started to shutter and shake, I haven't had the chance to pull it out as yet, but plan to do it on the weekend and assess the damage.
    My TJ runs 35's and a 4.5 inch lift,I have also fitted quite a lot of accessories, so the weight is getting up, I think a heavy duty clutch is ths go, but there is a lot of brands to choose from

    any input would be appreciated.


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    Firstly - have you regeared to suit 35"s? if you haven't then I'd strongly suggest you do otherwise you are putting WAY more load on the drivetrain than you should and premature clutch wear is just one side effect.
    In terms of how "heavy duty", I personally prefer not to have an overly agressive clutch for offroad use - it give more control when trying to idle over very tough terrain.

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    the only thing I can find out about gearing on this TJ is in records from the previous owner is that it's got 4.88 diffs, I don't know if this suits the 35"s.

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    what rpm are you doing in top gear at 100km/h?

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    top gear at 100K"s is approx 2900rpm



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