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Thread: Mt Horrible - Sun 7th June - C grade

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    Default Mt Horrible - Sun 7th June - C grade

    Join us for a day out we will be heading west to Mt Horrible and along the Turon.

    when: Sunday 7th June
    meet: Maccas Richmond @8am ready to roll at 8:15
    C grade - suitable for all jeeps

    Please bring food and drinks

    There are no facilities

    contact Brian 0438989793

    Numbers are capped at 1o people including children - please include names of passengers
    Available places:0 Trip full due to social distancing rules

    1. Brian Heidi and Isabelle
    2. Nolan and Tristan
    3. Daniel and Jen
    4. Harry & Heidi & Anika

    Mariner & marah
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    Hi Heidi,
    im in, i will be with one friend (Tristan).
    SJC #409 - Black JKU 2010

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    Wife and I will definitly be up for this. Daniel and Jen.

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    Hi Heidi ,

    Yes would like to go.

    Harry & Heidi & Anika

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    Would love to come along for this trip.
    Mariner & marah. Wk2
    Hope there is room [emoji3]

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    Mariner I sent you a PM

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    Thanks for coming on our day trip. We had a great day out.

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    Thanks Heidi, was really nice. Can you maybe suggest some tracks i can do alone ?

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    In Lithgow, Blackfellows hand trail is pretty easy and a nice drive. You can also do Lost City while you are there. 6 foot track/Cox's river is also a nice easy one to do alone. Im planning to be back up in the mountains on 20/21 with the grand if you wanted to do Lost City/ Blackfellows.


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    Hey Daniel.

    Absultly let me know, and i will join you. sent you a PM with my cell number.



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